Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Mobile testing unit

To all  whom this may concern. Test test testies

Line breaking ice breaker.

Friday, 12 August 2011


A proclivity to create - which I call "creat-ivity"

Friday, 24 September 2010

Production Details of DOOM

 With the 'Professional Practice' module looming I'm geeking out on all things 'behind the scenes'y as far as TV networks and especially the interaction of an auteur in league with them there networkers. So I was very pleased to remember that the dark (a shade darker than the darkest blood let from the blackest souls) ramblings of Jhonen Vasquez are amusing and insightful (even if the insight is how plague ridden and death worthy the clientèle of an American chain food shop is) - only to discover that its been years since I checked up on him (even if it was just to tighten the restraints, I should have visited more) and he b-logged about his time at Nickelodeon working on Invader Zim. Read it. Read it good!:

I've started you at Zim Fact 1, work your way back through them until your sad little eyes end their gelatinous existences with eyebrow hair nooses (reading will also result in poor attempts to recreate his glorious, umbilical cord twisting turn of phrase) - change the page number in the url manually (counting back from '7'). make way for the tuna.(don't watch online - buy the DVDs)  
Lots of decaying foxglove,


Thursday, 23 September 2010

Breaking the Blog In

Starting a personal chronological catalogue of items of interest to me as a creative (sickening, I know).

Opening with work from students graduating from the French visual arts college Gobelins, very impressed with almost everything coming out of there over the past 8 years, I would tentatively pose that they were my main inspiration for my perusing CG animation as adamantly in the first year of The University of Cumbria, this this one in particular from way back then (2006) and Pyrates for 2D, more the 'making of' than the piece itself. Another view under the hood roosting in warm straw-like annals of my mind.
But here's what I came here to archive:

From Alice Dieudonne's blog where you can find her contributions to the final year piece as well as other pieces. 
Note to self: Lovely trees – consider cropping silhouettes textured with themselves. (Play with Plato’s ‘Ideal’)
Lots of shove,